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KonMari-Methode: Selbsterkenntnis durch Ausmisten – Declutter Reihe 4

KonMari-Methode: Selbsterkenntnis durch Ausmisten – Declutter Reihe 4 Hinter der KonMari-Methode steht nicht nur der Wunsch nach einer ordentlichen Wohnung. Sie fußt auf der Wertschätzung deines Lebens und der Dinge darin. Ausmisten | Declutter | Ausmisten Tipps | Ausmisten Hilfe | Marie Kondo | Minimalismus | Ausmisten Checkliste | Ausmisten Kleidung | Ausmisten Wohnung | Sortieren nach Kategorien

The holiday season is upon us! October means the beginning to the holiday marathon that is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’ve never really realized how close those 3 holidays are to each other. They really do just come one straight after the other. Giving you no time at all to prepare for each, but then again that’s why people start preparing months and months in advance.

The holiday season is a cheerful one… well at least for most. I know there are plenty of Scrooges out there who are humbugging everything left and right. But for us with that holiday glow and glee, we are always so excited for the holiday season to come! I know I’m very excited for the fun and warmth that comes with the holiday season. For me the holidays also mean arts and crafts. The holiday season is a perfect time for crafting! Perfect for creating homemade gifts or just making your own holiday décor, holiday crafts, or holiday cards.

Halloween: So the first holiday on the horizon is Halloween; probably one of the best holidays ever invented by anyone anywhere. Seriously, it’s just an entire day of getting to dress up however you want and enjoying a ridiculous amount of sweets, or for the adults, getting to enjoy a ridiculous amount of “sweet” beverages.

Halloween brings a lot of DIY crafting opportunities. Carving pumpkins is probably the #1 Halloween craft. But there are so many more opportunities for crafting besides that. You can create your own Halloween mask or costume, Halloween card, Halloween scrapbook page and more. You can even make your own Frankenstein inspired treat box or personalized Halloween party invitations.

I love that there is now downloadable and printable scrapbooking layouts, paper piercings, and digital stamps for all my crafting needs. I don’t have to go out to multiple stores to find the perfect one for me. It’s so much more convenient when you can browse from a large variety of things and then just printing them out right then and there. SO crazy awesome. The internet maaan, talking over the world!

Thanksgiving: After the craziness of Halloween dies down and everyone comes down from their sugar high, it’s time for the great American tradition that is Thanksgiving! This holiday also brings great opportunity for the craft lover. Thanksgiving cards, fun and artful decorations, and of course who can forget the good old Thanksgiving turkey hand. That’s always a must-do when it comes to Thanksgiving crafting. So simple, your hand is the turkey… beyond genius.

Christmas: As soon as Thanksgiving ends the Christmas lovers start all things Christmas. I mean literally after Thanksgiving dinner people flock out to the stores for an all night/morning/day Black Friday Christmas shopping experience. Which it nuts to me, I’ve only done Black Friday shopping once, and I’ll never do it again. People are crazy. They will murder you for the last Victoria Secret pajama nighty… like NOOOOO. You can have your “discounted” nighty; I’ll keep all my fingers intact thanks.

So anyways, Christmas brings more crafting opportunities thanks to the added present aspect to this holiday. There’s nothing better than a handmade present you made with love. It shows people that you spent time and thought into their present. Decorations, scrapbooking, Christmas cards, and Christmas party invitations are just some of the many crafting opportunities during the Christmas month.

Now that I recapped the holidays and the opportunities for crafting… like you didn’t already know them. My tip and trick is PRINTABLES!

Printables makes everything so much easier! Especially when you have such a busy life! There are so many printable options out there now-a-days. You can print out so many different cute and convenient things to help you achieve some awesome crafts without taking up much of your time. One of my favorites is printable stamps; this makes it so easy to decorate anything. You can use printable digital stamps for cards, scrapbook pages, invitations, decorations, or anything else you just want to smack a stamp on!

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